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Young man in luxury sports car

Young man in luxury sports car

In society, transportation is needed by everyone. Transportation mediums can be present in different types, such as cars, bikes, and more, but the truth is that car-based transportation acts as the most basic necessity.

Since every successful business idea is based on necessity and demand, therefore, we researched for most profitable business ideas based on transportation, and while doing so, we found business ideas based around cars to be among the most profitable business ideas.

The Internet has brought many advantages with itself with the biggest advantage being providing a platform for offline business to go online. Aspiring entrepreneurs brainstorm to come up with new online business ideas, which present an excellent opportunity for many to give wings to their entrepreneurial dreams.

Like other online business ideas, car based online business ideas are further divided into several sub business ideas, such as car renting business, car marketplace system, peer to peer car sharing marketplace, car classified business, and more. To know more details about these online business ideas, continue reading.

Online Cab Booking Website

Online cab booking portal is one of the most profitable car-based online business ideas of recent times. This business idea was successfully implemented by many including Uber, which has expanded its reach in many countries.

The main idea behind car booking portal is to provide an easy way for users to order cabs. In an online cab booking business model, the user books a cab on the car booking website. As per user’s current location, the cab driver is notified to pick the user.

Online Car Renting Business

Car renting business is relatively new as compared to other car-based businesses. This business model enjoys less competition and presents the perfect opportunity for entrepreneurs to earn profit. In a car renting business, the user rents the car from the renting website. The payment is made online and the car can be picked from nearby location.

Online Car Marketplace System

Experts predict that around 74 million automobiles are expected to be sold in 2016, which is higher than previous years. The demand for automobiles and the need for a centralized platform to sell cars make the car marketplace business idea one of the most profitable.

In an online car marketplace business, the seller and buyer register themselves on the website. The seller can post images of the car along with other information. The buyer can buy the car after reviewing it and pay through the website itself.

Peer to Peer Car Sharing Marketplace

Online peer to peer car sharing marketplace is successfully implemented by companies, such as Getaround and RelayRides. In a P2P car sharing marketplace, the owner can list the car on the website and car renters can connect with car owners seamlessly.

Depending on the different renting terms and conditions proposed by the website owner, car renters can rent the car for time durations, such as for a day, for few days, a week, a month, and more.

Online Car Classified Business

Car classified website presents a profitable opportunity for an entrepreneur who wish to earn revenue by being a part of an industry that accounts to $73.4 million in projected sales for 2016.

The car classified portal is an important place, where car owners can sell their cars to potential buyers. In such a business, car owners can list their cars on the website, and buyers can buy the car after contacting the owner. Additional features can include showing pictures of the car, reviews, and more.

Want to add more to this list? Drop a comment below.

Veenu Sharma, digital marketing specialist at FATbit technologies, a web development company that primarily help startups in establishing & running their business by building them technology solutions and guiding them on choosing the right business approach through informative blog posts.



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