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In today’s world, more savvy, business-minded individuals just like yourself are choosing to enter the world of entrepreneurship. Such a life can be extremely chaotic, as most business owners are the first into the office each morning and the last one out. If you are lucky enough, then perhaps in your off hours you may have the opportunity to relax and enjoy a hobby.

Crafting a useful hobby in your spare time is the best way to unwind from the day’s stresses, but with the added benefit of contributing to your professional life. Studies have shown that those who engage in hobbies, are more open minded and perform more efficiently at work. Here are five hobbies that can make you a better entrepreneur and help you run your business more efficiently.


Running is generally only considered as a workout, though some entrepreneurs have begun picking up the activity as a hobby in their spare time. Running is all about setting a goal and sticking with the race to finish out the experience.

Running marathons requires a lot of discipline, just like running a business, and allows you to acquire the good habit of setting goals and improving your own self in various aspects of your life. Distance running helps you to truly learn what you are capable of, to push through adversity, and to persevere by any means.

Meditation and Yoga

Being an entrepreneur is one of the most hectic lifestyles one can embrace in this lifetime. There are so many stresses to deal with and tasks to complete on a regular basis. If you find keeping your focus is the most difficult task of the day, you should look into yoga or meditation, or perhaps both, as a way to relax and ease the mind after work.

Yoga and meditation have become worldwide phenomenon that ease the mind and release any negative energy from the body and spirit. By meditating and doing yoga, your level of energy and performance will reach new heights, while your health and happiness will experience boosts in every aspect of your life.


Gardening is all about planting a seed and watching it grow through careful nurture on a daily basis. The same goes for any type of business these days. A lot of entrepreneurs have taken up gardening as their preferred hobby. It is a fun activity that requires a lot of hands-on experience to truly see a difference in the act.

Just as in gardening, business sometimes requires you to pick up a pair of scissors and cut out the excess in what could be considered a tough decision for many. You will plant your seeds, bear food from your crops, and watch as all your hard work begins to cultivate into something strong and useful.


Surfing is often considered a young people’s sport, though that is not always the case. People of any age can pick up a board and enjoy themselves in the water. Being out on the open ocean and enjoying the waves on a custom board can be one of the most relaxing, enjoyable experiences anyone may take part in.

Surfing has been known to improve mental health, relieve stress, and is a great physical workout. A savvy entrepreneur will use such bonuses to their advantage, bringing those boosts to their work life.

If you would like to take up surfing as a new hobby that can benefit your entrepreneurial venture, you can take a trip to some of the best surfing locations in the world. For example, surfing is the top activity to do in Hawaii. Combining the pleasures of travel with the benefits of surfing will allow you to unwind and destress in the best possible way.


Golfing is often considered one of those boring sports that high-ranking CEOs and financial advisers pick up in their spare time to win over new clients. However, anyone can enjoy themselves on the wide open green and reap the many benefits golfing brings.

Golfing has been found to reduce a lot of stress, makes for a powerful social experience, and lets you get outdoors after sitting in an office all day or week. It is the type of hobby where you can easily invite your clients or business partners to form relationships and seal any deal.

Final Word

There are, literally, thousands of hobbies available these days. These five have the added benefits of expanding your professional mind and experiences. Deciding to pick one up can bring you many health benefits as well as help you become a more successful entrepreneur.

BIO: Natalie Smith, a freelance writer from Seattle, ardently follows topics related to entrepreneurship, small businesses, social media, and customer service. For more information, reach her @Natalie Smith



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