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4 Tips for Expanding your Outfit Overseas

Posted by Pamela Swift in Operations

Smart businesspeople gain successful by embracing new business ideas and expanding them into the international markets. However, being able to forge a business idea into a renowned company that has a large market share percentage in the global market is not a simple feat.

There are several international business protocols, cultures, and market trends that ought to be observed for an internationally expanding business to realize success or be competitive. Here are vital tips to guide you through the journey of expanding your local business into the international markets:

Check for a strong customer base in the countries of interest 

It’s very critical to set out enough time to assess the availability of potential customers for the product or services that you are offering in various countries. Obviously, if you intend to go global, you already have an idea of the countries of interest where your product can bear the same appeal as it does in your country. You ought to be sure that there is a need for what you’re offering in that country and whether they will be inclined to purchase from your organization.

You should have a clear understanding of how your company might fare with the local competition before investing your hard earned money in expanding unnecessarily. It’s safe to conduct a research and test your product in the foreign marketplace before investing so as to make a sensible investment.

Assess market compatibility and availability of necessary resources 

Even though the business environments are not identical, you should analyze how the new markets are compatible with your home country’s markets. For a seamless business discussion, you ought to look for markets that are quite similar to what your current target market looks like. Evaluate currency fluctuations, cultures, competition, and shopping trends of the potential foreign markets. Structural and financial stability is crucial in supporting the expansion so as to make it viable.

Check out tax codes and compliance issues 

Tax codes and compliance regulations in the international business markets are very complex and intertwined. You’ll only realize that they are more sophisticated than what you may experience in handling business transactions from state to state. Certain banks in various countries fear the administrative burden that comes with running a US-based bank account. Hence you may be required to open a foreign business entity and bank account before you start running a business legally. Depending on the type of products that you deal with, you may be required to comply with certain strict labeling and packaging standards before you start operating. The US taxes worldwide and the IRS will impose a reporting on the income as well.

Localize to the languages and cultures of the foreign markets 

Language and labeling are also another critical consideration to be made. For instance, you are required to use English, Spanish or French in the US when labeling your products, but in Europe, you might be compelled to use multiple languages on the pack of your products making the cost of production hike. In other words, packaging costs, labeling and compliance issues can be very costly if not approached keenly. You can hire bilingual staff to help in the smooth running of the business by doing back and forth translations or go through multilingual subtitling services to enable you to advertise your business digitally in various languages available in the foreign markets.

Know how to beat the local competition 

Renowned American brands like Starbucks or McDonald’s have achieved this by attracting millions of foreign customers to their various chain stores across the world. Beating local competition and being champions in their turfs is not an easy success. Your business can only attract these foreign markets by employing unique and practical business strategies. Also, check the available ESTA agreements (electronic system for travel authorization) to be sure whether you will need a visa or not and the type of visa in order to work in the country of interest.



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