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They say that nothing succeeds like success. There is definitely some truth in that. When one achieves a small success, it tends to raise their energy and enthusiasm, which in turn, gets poured into the next effort. That effort is more likely to be successful because of the added energy from the previous success. And the energy from the two successes makes a third even more likely. This is the virtuous cycle of success.

But what they don’t tell you is that nothing fails like success. Importing all that energy and excitement can backfire. When launching a business endeavor, what you need is a level head. Your emotions need to remain under control. Prior success can make you feel invulnerable, like you can do no wrong. It can make you reckless and far less risk-averse. It is a myth that success always breeds success. Here are a few other success myths you need to avoid if you ever want to achieve it:

Page One is No Big Deal

Some companies have convinced themselves that page one of search engine results is no big deal. They couldn’t be more wrong. Some industry experts have gone as far as to say that page 2 of Google search results is the best place to hide a dead body. That is because 95% of all search traffic happens on page one.

The truth of the matter is getting your business listed on page one is, at bottom, what national and local SEO is all about. With the Yellow Pages, you get on the first page in your section by paying the most money. Pay for placement is also the strategy for television and radio. The one who pays the most money gets the best spot.

Search results on the internet are not about who paid the most money. It is about relevance, and a number of other criteria that makes up the black box page rankings. You absolutely need an SEO consultant to help you navigate these waters. You don’t get to the first page by accident.

All You Need Is a Great Idea

If all you have is a great idea that will change the world, you’ve got nothing at all. Since the beginning of time, there have been people who have had great ideas that might have changed the world. You will never know what they are because it takes a lot more than a great idea to be successful.

What you need more than a great idea is a great plan and great execution. You can do this for a forgettable, mediocre idea, which is the stuff of most successful businesses.

That is not to say that you shouldn’t strive for better ideas. We need more businesses that strive for more than mediocrity. But you have to marry ideas with the stuff that really spells success, such as patience, financing, and the right thing. Every idea could be a great idea if the timing is right for it.

College Doesn’t Matter

The list always includes Steve Jobs. You know the list. It’s the list of successful people that didn’t finish college but were still insanely successful. The idea is that formal education does not matter. This usually comes from an underachiever who is looking for an excuse to skip, or drop out of college.

First, you cannot compare extraordinary people with the average. There are always exceptions. That does not change the rule. Second, no one, even extraordinary people, should be looking for excuses to shortcut the education process. In business, as with everything, knowledge is power.

True and lasting success is hard work. Most myths are born from the desire to make the process simpler and faster. The easy way produces a lot of myths. Avoid them at all costs. Placement is still extremely important. Great ideas are not enough. And knowledge is still power.




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