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Archive for February, 2013

Have you ever seen those commercials where the business owner talks about wearing every hat including the janitor’s? While those commercials are definitely true, what I don’t like about them is they also imply it’s okay to KEEP wearing all sorts of hats in your business, like the janitors. You see, it’s one thing when […]

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The Customization Craze

Posted by Pamela Swift in Business Trends

In past generations, having a customized, tailored article of clothing was a luxury, which not many could afford.  Going to a tailor or seamstress to create a one-of-a kind piece was reserved for highly specialized occasions, or for the very wealthy. However, with advanced technology, a new trend has emerged: customization. The customization craze is […]

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Every prospect wants to know why they should buy from you. They want to know the outcome they will experience before they want to know how you will create those outcomes. Let’s start with four basic facts … 1.    Every prospect has a problem. This problem creates some negative emotions. 2.    Every product has features: Features are merely objective […]

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Did you know that for EVERYTHING you want to do in your business you need to create a system for it?  The real secret to a successful business is having the right systems in place that support and grow that business. And this comes down to getting new clients too.  If you’re finding that you […]

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It’s a familiar scenario: Solo business owner is swamped just wading through emails, keeping up with social media, serving customers. No time to create new products or work on that marketing campaign. Is this you? If so, I have four proven ways that successful solo entrepreneurs use to wrestle back control of their business, get […]

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