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Archive for January, 2013

  As a start up entrepreneur it’s natural to want to make your new enterprise look as big and as successful as possible. This is because we live in a time when corporations and big companies seem powerful and more trustworthy. Times are changing, though, and it really is in your best interests to maintain […]

I was in a meeting a few weeks ago with a business associate and we were talking about what it means to collaborate. When he finished his long definition, I made the statement that what he said sounds like adaptability and not collaboration. Here looked at me as said, “You just made me wrong.” I […]

Nothing can bring more satisfaction to a business owner than knowing they have a healthy relationship with their customer and vendors. And, of course, as many people find out, nothing can bring so much pain as a broken relationship. Yes, relationships make the world go ‘round. For better or for worse. There are basics that […]



Posted by Pamela Swift in Success Attitude

Article Contributed by John Bittleston  One of my colleagues once described a mutual friend as having ‘infectious enthusiasm’, a lovely description and a great compliment. The person so described was full of beans and their enthusiasm was catching. Just being in the presence of such a person is a privilege. Enthusiasm will make you friends but […]


BIZNESS! Newsletter Issue 152

Posted by Pamela Swift in Newsletter

  Brewery Sleeping Experience This AirBnB hotel is Germany encourage guests to imbibe choice libations from their regional brewery – and you can even spend the night in a beer barrel bed! The hotel room for the ultimate beer baron invites guests to snooze in a giant 19th Century beer barrel that has been converted […]

  Meet Our GE Network Experts!

Meet Our GE Network Experts!

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