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Archive for September, 2012


Small Business Ideas You Can Invest In

Posted by Pamela Swift in Business Ideas

Most people want to be their own boss. The appeal of being a master of one’s own destiny, combined with increased pay, offers definite advantages. The problem is that, all too often, it is not possible to start a small business without exposing oneself to a large amount of risk. Moonlighting can cause one to […]

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I usually focus on the “whys” of building an email list, but today I thought I’d focus on the how. Building an email list requires marketing, and the primary function of marketing is to drive visitors to your website so they can sign up. And once you get to this point, it’s time to put […]

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Article Contributed by Maria Foster You’ve gone over every aspect of your business plan, have the capital in place and rented a space. Now all that’s left is to flip the “Open” sign and begin your dream of becoming a successful small business owner. Fast forward one year later and that initial enthusiasm has been […]

Enterprising entrepreneurs know that a successful start-up business offers a service or product that fills some sort of gap in demand. Most new companies, after all, cannot compete head to head with large firms unless their product is distinct and unique, in some form or another, utilizing custom software design or customized tools of some variety. Consequently, […]

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When you want something do you really go for it or do you come up with reasons why you can’t have it? Do you convince yourself that something is impossible before taking one step to find out whether that is true? And if you do take that first step do you take the next one […]

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