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Archive for August, 2012

Article Contributed by Alexis Neely In a recent post, I shared why you absolutely MUST have a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system in place. And you were so enthusiastic about it, you went right out and implemented one! Yeah! You’re up and running—inviting your ideal clients to connect and stay connected with you because you have […]

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Article Contributed by Alexis Neely When you generate a lead or interact with a potential client, what systems do you have in place to maintain your connection with someone who expressed interest, but wasn’t quite ready to make a hiring decision? What about your existing clients? How are you building those relationships to turn them […]


Benefits of Integrated Business Management

Posted by Pamela Swift in Technology

Article Contributed by Penelope Edwards  When a business starts out their software requirements are fairly limited, probably only needing to use basic office packages for word processing and accounting. As the business grows the need for more sophisticated inventory and order management systems arises and these are added into the IT mix. Later on still, […]

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Top 6 Credit Card Processing Tips

Posted by Pamela Swift in Operations

Article Contributed by Jessica Sanders While there are a number of important aspects you’ll need to get in order as a new or current small business owner, one of the most important, though seemingly trivial, is credit card processing. You’ll need to choose the right merchant, work with the right vendors and make the process customer […]

Article Contributed by Kavin Matthews At one point of time or the other, all businesses have to go through a phase of low cash flow. Whether you need loans for the expansion of your business or resisting bad business situations, debt is a legitimate business tool. For whatever reason it might be, debt could grow […]

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