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Archive for January, 2012


BIZNESS! Newsletter Issue 123

Posted by Pamela Swift in Newsletter

    Fresh Ideas For Your Brand (That Won’t Freak Your Clients Out) Now, that sounds just like exactly what you need to get your business fired up and moving along! But then reality creeps in. There’s the pressure of creating a fresh, interesting and new idea. You can’t just reach into a magic hat […]

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Article Contributed by Gary Jordan What does it take for 800 people to work together on a project with minimum friction? Back in 1983, that’s exactly what my partner Lynda-Ross and I aimed to figure out. When I fist met Lynda-Ross, she was managing a very large multi-year systems development project for a major corporation, […]

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On the surface, starting an internet-based business may seem like a dream come true. A business owner can start a business out of her home, selling her products and services everywhere and anywhere in the world without big marketing budgets or lots of advertising. However, once she puts up her first web site, that dream […]

As an entrepreneur it can be all too easy to focus on making money and re-investing in your business, and neglect the prudent measure of developing some savings. Saving accounts can be an essential back up when you experience cash flow problems, a challenge that your business will inevitably face at some point. If you […]

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Businesses are more aware of the bonuses associated with green procurement than ever before, given the vast number of benefits that it can bring. Essentially, green procurement ensures that businesses protect local environments and economies from the effects of their operations, all the while allowing a business to deliver goods, servicesand utilities. By focusing heavily […]

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  Meet Our GE Network Experts!

Meet Our GE Network Experts!

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