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Archive for May, 2011

Article Contributed by Lynda-Ross Vega As internet marketers, we draw people to our offerings by shining a spotlight on ourselves, our personality and our unique gifts and talents. The way we do this is by utilizing our “Spotlight Style.” Much of what we sell is information – products and services based on what we know, […]

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Here’s the sneaky thing about mental blocks — they usually make their presence known through sabotage (your business, your relationships, your life, etc.) rather than let you know through more civilized means. And, when it comes to your business, one of their favorite ways of messing with you is through marketing.

Article Contributed by Lynda-Ross Vega Your Spotlight Style describes the way in which you draw attention to the gifts and talents you have, the services and products you offer, and your unique flair.  Embracing your Spotlight Style is the key to applying your authentic voice in all of your marketing activities.  But does that mean […]

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Article Contributed by Mark Hunter Recently I spoke at a large conference on the subject of how to maintain your price and avoid discounting.  After the presentation, a businessperson approached me and asked what my strategy would be if his company needed to discount price to create cash flow.  This is not an easy question […]

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Article Contributed by Jeff Beals On a cloudless summer day in suburban Chicago, a woman put her two children in the car and drove to the shopping mall. There she met one of her best girlfriends, who also came to the mall with her kids. The group of two moms and four kids spent the […]

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