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Archive for April, 2011

Whoever spent time as a child on a school playground and been the victim of name calling knows the deflective phrase used to counter those slurs, “sticks and stones may break my bones but names can never hurt me,” isn’t enough to overcome the impact of those bullying communications to youthful, developing ears. The messages […]

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Article Contributed by Lisa Cherney Knowing what to include in a bio can be intimidating for business owners, but it doesn’t need to be. Just think, the last time you read someone’s bio, what was going through your mind? Did you think “Wow, I still don’t know what this person does” or did you say, […]

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Article Contributed by Bill Grodnik With all signs pointing to an economic recovery, many small businesses are hoping now is the time to attract new funding. Before looking towards external sources of funding, there are things that small business owners need to keep in mind. Dare to be different Starting out, it’s vital to choose […]

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Gut Check Time

Posted by Pamela Swift in Entrepreneurs

Article Contributed by Quincy Yu With some indicators showing an improved outlook on the economy in the US and new signs of economic recovery happening daily, many small business owners are beginning to look around at the potential for shifting from “survival” to “growth” mode. Quincy Yu has spent her 30+ year career consulting for […]

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BIZNESS! Newsletter Issue 114

Posted by Pamela Swift in Newsletter

    BillBoard Houses Got the flu? Call a doctor. Can’t pay your mortgage? Call Why?, a free mobile advertising company, is doing something revolutionary, not only to advertise themselves, but to help homeowners pay their mortgage. They’re turning houses across America into billboards…. Continued in BIZNESS! Newsletter Issue 114 >>>   – […]

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  Meet Our GE Network Experts!

Meet Our GE Network Experts!

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