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Archive for January, 2011

Article Contributed by Roberta Chinsky Matuson Most people are reluctant to address problems they are having with an employee, co-worker or even their boss. Yet, pretending everything is fine certainly won’t improve the situation. Here is just one example of why this isn’t in the best interest of the employee or yourself. Just today, I […]

Article Contributed by Lisa Cherney One of the best things you can do for yourself to grow your business and propel yourself forward is to get help. But so many of us keep justifying that we can’t afford help. We say things such as: “I’ll hire an assistant when I start making more money.” Or […]

Article Contributed by Melonie Dodaro Just think about it… If you are concerned about how you look, you’ll always have a handicap.  Whether you’re networking, negotiating a deal, or making a presentation on stage, your lack of confidence puts you at a disadvantage. 1) You avoid the spotlight Chances are that you’re also afraid of […]

Article Contributed by Roberta Chinsky Matuson It may seem unnatural to manage up in the top down world of business but this is exactly what you must do to be successful in business. Here are 10 tips for managing those relationships above you. 1. Decode your boss’s management style-I’ve yet to see a situation where […]

Article Contributed by Dr. Patty Ann Tublin Did you make a New Year’s Resolution? If you did, have you stuck with it? Or has it already gone by the wayside? If you didn’t, is this because you don’t believe in them? Or did you just forget to make one? If you haven’t made one or […]

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Meet Our GE Network Experts!

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