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Archive for November, 2009


BIZNESS! Newsletter Issue 94

Posted by Pamela Swift in Newsletter

Successful Business Marketing: What Does Your Marketing Archetype Say About You? When it comes to business marketing, most people brainstorm a billion different tag lines then wonder why none of them sound or feel like “the one.” The problem is all that brainstorming isn’t every effective because it’s relying on the wrong information to start […]

No matter how a female entrepreneur runs her business, it’s possible that at some point, the relationship between her and a client will come to an end. Although most successful women will agree that they want to end things amicably, severing the working relationship may be tougher for some than for others. A new study […]

What may be holding you back from reaching 6-figures (or even more) isn’t lack of ambition or desire, it may simply be your business model. Think of your business model as the design of your various services, info products and programs. Too many entrepreneurs offer a bunch of “stuff” without any real thought as to […]

If there’s one thing that everybody likes doing, it’s going out to a restaurant. Whether you have experience in the service industry or you’ve always been interested in owning a restaurant, a restaurant franchise might be right for you. Owning a restaurant franchise is one of the most sure-fire ways to have a successful business. […]

Facebook and Twitter Updates Now Searchable
Google search is going to start looking different in the next few months, as Google has signed a deal with to start indexing tweets.

  Meet Our GE Network Experts!

Meet Our GE Network Experts!

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