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Archive for September, 2009

Article Contributed by Michele DeKinder-Smith How will YOU respond when a customer threatens to leave? Maybe it will be due to a gap in communication. Maybe it will happen due to increased pricing competition, a poor fit, a service problem, or a new product your competitor creates. Regardless of the cause, every entrepreneur faces the […]

  • Comments Off on Client Loss: Three Types of Women Entrepreneurs, Three Types of Responses

When you think about getting involved with social media, do you feel stressed out? Negative? Avoidant? Don’t worry, that’s normal. It can be daunting to think about putting yourself “out there” in terms of engaging in social media.

Article Contributed by Gary Jordan Have you noticed how so much of the feedback we get about ourselves in life is negative? Think back to school progress reports. Now, reflect on your job performance evaluations. How often did these assessments focus on what you were doing well, as opposed to where you needed to improve? […]

  • Comments Off on Teaching an Eagle to Swim, Appreciating and Nurturing Your Unique Talents

Article Contributed by Lynda-Ross Vega Most of us have undeveloped talents that lie hidden inside us until they’re recognized and acted upon. Each of our talents is an opportunity waiting to happen. Perhaps our natural talents and gifts weren’t recognized or appreciated when we were young. When that happens we tend to ignore or stifle […]

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Did you know that HOW you design your client payment plans can make the difference between your prospective client saying, “Yes!” versus muttering, “Let me think about it?” This applies to services, programs and even products offered on your Web site. So it’s wise to understand what works — and what doesn’t! — so you […]

  • Comments Off on Proven Marketing Strategies for 6-Figure Business Success: Designing Creative Payment Plan Options

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Meet Our GE Network Experts!

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