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Archive for May, 2009

If you find yourself missing out on potential clients, contacts falling through the cracks, or not following up in a timely manner then your problem is simply a lack of an efficient contact management system! So let me ask you: 1. Do you have a record of each of your clients/colleagues contact data, i.e. name, […]

Leaders are using the economy as an excuse on a daily basis. Don’t believe me? Just ask your managers why now it’s okay to lay-off those employees who haven’t come close to meeting their performance objectives over the past several years. Perhaps your company could have avoided lay-offs if the entire team had been operating […]

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In a pure barter system there must exist a coincidence of wants and or desires before a trade takes place. This severely restricts and limits the opportunities for commerce . Money is a medium of exchange with an established value that is accepted in return for goods and services. The dominant form of money is […]

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Ultimately, that?s up to you to decide. But it helps to layout the pros and cons of both situations. Your aversion to risk, business experience, and financial considerations should all be taken into account. Pros and Cons of Starting Your Own Whether purchasing a franchise or starting your own business, one of the most common […]

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Here’s a tough question: What’s the one thing nearly all business owners consistently overpay for? The answer is pretty surprising: Postage costs. Stamps, shipping charges, even the time it takes to go to the post office can all add up, costing thousands of dollars or more each year, depending on the volume of mail you […]

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Meet Our GE Network Experts!

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