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Archive for November, 2008

Article Contributed by Mark Walsh Are you confused about when you should upgrade your E-commerce site? How do you decide when is the right time to tweak things. Obviously you do not wish to spend money during the present liquidity crisis and recession. You probably still remember the pain and efforts that went into building […]


BIZNESS! Newsletter Issue 76

Posted by Pamela Swift in Newsletter

Navigating Through Change And Landing On Your Feet If you’re facing (or anticipating) one change of several changes, these tips will help you navigate through transition and help you land on your feet: 1. Acknowledge what’s happening. Get real about your situation and eliminate denial. Identify what you can control and/or influence to gain perspective […]

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I often read debates on forums about whether you should have just a blog or just an ezine, with questions like, “I currently publish an ezine and a blog, but I’m thinking of dropping the ezine and going with just the blog.” My answer… you need both! And here’s why: Creating a blog post is […]

When you have got a business that you can continue and sustain, what’s the fastest way to make it profitable? There are a few pointers you can take note of to make your business profitable. Focus on the marketing. In any business, number 1 is leads. Every single day, you have to track and measure […]

The following study was conducted at Yale University in 1953. In that year, a batch of fresh graduates was surveyed, and in this batch, only 3% had their goals written down. Some of their goals included: ‘being a best-selling novelist, starting a computer company and taking it public, running for President etc…’ 97% of the […]

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Meet Our GE Network Experts!

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