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Archive for February, 2008

Taking the decision to run your own business is both exciting and challenging. You will need to acquire a range of new skills, from bookkeeping to sales, and although you are provided with training and support, ultimately it will be down to you to make a success of marketing your new business. Here I show you how this can be achieved through simple and cost-effective PR…

For a solo professional having an up-to-date contact management database is one of the KEY administrative systems you have to have for your business. And, even more important, is having a system in place to create effective follow-up. Your business is built on following up leads and building relationships. If you don’t have a contact […]

Business Managers not focused on improvement become administrators at best and bureaucrats at worst. We tend to think of Sales as being the only competitive area of business, but that’s only the beginning; competition continues beyond Sales through the entire business process. Improvement Equals Profit Enhancement There are 4 basic ways to improve the bottom […]

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This article is contributed by Sam Carpenter, author of the new book, ‘Work the System: The Simple Mechanics of Working Less and Making More’. Whether you’ve established a small business, are in the midst of launching one, or simply considering it for the future, it’s certain you want at least one thing out of this […]


When Customer Retention Goes Bad

Posted by Russ Lombardo in Sales & Marketing

Then one day they closed down two of the 12 courts so they could expand their workout room. They added state of the art weight lifting equipment and hoped their existing body building clients would tell their friends and increase business. We weren’t pleased, but at least we had 10 other courts to play on; enough to keep us all playing the full two hours without having to wait turns. Judging by the additional grunts and groans we heard coming from that new area, it seemed their plan worked. But I must admit that over time it seemed like the noise was ceasing and their increased business had waned. In the meantime, we loyal racquetball members continued to show up twice a week, every week, every year, paying our dues and buying supplies, soft drinks, and other miscellaneous purchases.
Then the owners decided to take over 2 more courts to build an aerobics gym with a climbing wall, dance area, and a few other amenities to attract new customers, at the expense of their existing racquetball members. Within a year, this new facility was as vacant as an atomic bomb testing ground. It was hardly ever used. And yes, we loyal racquetball members continued to spend our money at their club, which by the way, was the only club in town. Unfortunately, there were only 8 courts left and it started affecting our playing time since we now had to compete for court time and even started playing doubles (two-on-two) in order to get a chance to play at all.

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Meet Our GE Network Experts!

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