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Archive for October, 2007

Starting a business is fun. Planning a business is not as fun. So how do you take your fresh idea and turn it into a viable business without sacrificing your enthusiasm in the process? Here are some ways to get started now. Plan well, but plan quickly. You know you need a business plan. (You […]

FoundRead: We like Harvard Working Knowledge, and today we picked up another quick post by marketing guru, John Quelch. It’s billed as “How To Build a Global Brand,“ but we think his five simple rules for how to brand effectively are applicable to any startup trying to establish its name and image — globally or […]

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Introducing Our GE Network Experts!

Posted by Pamela Swift in Weblog Admin

It’s been 3 weeks since we launched the new Experts’ Network to contribute small business advice to our community of aspiring entrepreneurs. The network has received positive responses from you, our readers, and we’re very glad to have signed up 9 small business experts (as of today) to share with us their expert opinion […]

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BIZNESS! Newsletter Issue 55

Posted by Pamela Swift in Newsletter

Fighting the Saw-Tooth Effect Months ago you thought you were such a huge success, pulling in a large deal involving huge revenue for your business. How were you to know that at the same time you were destroying the very business you were trying to build? If this, or something less dramatic yet similar, has […]

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In a sales economy where up to 62% of sales people don’t go for the close, how is a sales person supposed to succeed? First, they need to use a sales process that helps them manage the steps in a sales cycle in the right order. Second, they need to learn, or re-learn, basic selling […]

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  Meet Our GE Network Experts!

Meet Our GE Network Experts!

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