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Archive for July, 2007


Growing A Winning Company

Posted by Pamela Swift in Entrepreneurship

Found+READ: As I have discovered in my years as an entrepreneur and during the past ten years leading TIBCO Software, scaling a company requires both the discipline to follow sound strategic processes and the courage to take bold, yet calculated, risks. If you are too aggressive, your company might make imprudent choices and go out […]

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NFIB: On the Web, content is king–or it should be. If you want people to visit, stick around and come back to your small business’ Web site, give them substance. The appearance of your Web site is still important in helping establish professionalism and credibility. But the information and other substantive material you provide matter […]

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Businessknowhow: Although your income statement might show a healthy profit, it doesn’t amount to a hill of beans if you have no cash flow. Cash flow represents the amount of money coming in to your business through services rendered and products sold, and money going out to cover expenses and production costs. Your primary responsibility […]

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How To Network Easily

Posted by Pamela Swift in How-To Guides The true definition of networking is building relationship & rapport with new friends while being yourself anywhere anytime. Here is my 7 Rules of Networking Made Easy: 1) Ask questions. The truth is everyone loves to talk about themselves. When I say ask questions, I don’t mean what is your name or what do […]

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Pick, Click and Pop

Posted by Pamela Swift in Online Business

EcommerceGuide: Widgets are generating a lot of buzz in the industry these days as more e-tailers begin to capitalize on how these snippets of code can expand the exposure of online businesses — and make them more money. These mini-applications generally come packaged in a little window, can be dragged and dropped onto a Web […]

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  Meet Our GE Network Experts!

Meet Our GE Network Experts!

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