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Article Contributed by Anoop Chaphekar

Advertising and marketing have come a long way since the first video commercial was made. With new ways to access media, businesses all over the world are maximizing on advertising strategies by using these new media pathways as channels to reach a larger demographic. Business explainer videos are just one of the many effective strategies that gain businesses more traffic and help them generate more leads.

Here are 10 reasons why your business will benefit from an explainer video:

  1. They capture the essence of your business

A well made explainer video has the ability to capture the essence of your business and portray it tastefully to the viewer. Whether it is an animated explainer video or live action, it is probably the most effective way to tell your viewers about your business.

  1. They are attention grabbers

If you make it interesting enough, anyone visiting your website will be more inclined to watch the complete video and perhaps even share it on social media. Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words, but a video shows a thousand pictures. While scrolling through a page, words are skimmed over and sometimes even ignored, but a catchy picture on a video will make it impossible to ignore. 

  1. They are great conversation starters

With any well known explainer video production company like Toolbox Studio, you can produce a good quality video that will not only tell people about your business but also give them something to think about. Explainer videos are great conversation starters for people with similar interests. 

  1. They are better retained by the viewer

Let’s take for example History as a school subject. Reading pages and pages of a boring textbook is probably a less effective way to study than to watch a well made movie/documentary about World War II. Chances are you will remember more details if you watch a 90 minute movie than if you spend 3 days studying the same material from a textbook. The same principle applies here. Viewers will retain more valuable information about your business through a video than if they were to simply read a page of content explaining what your business is about.

  1. They increase web traffic

Increased web traffic is a definite by product of adding videos to your web content. Any explainer video company will tell you that if you invest a little bit more and make a superb video, people will watch it and share it which will automatically compel other viewers to visit your website.

  1. They have the potential to go viral

A natural consequence of video viewing and sharing, if it is done enough times, is a video going viral. In all honesty, sometimes videos can go viral for absolutely no reason at all. But it does increase your chances if you put some thought and humour into your video. And if it does go viral, you are basically getting free publicity.

  1. They add value to your website

Quality videos in combination with quality content (that is relevant to your product/service) is what makes for an iron clad website. From and SEO point of view, websites with videos rank higher in search engine searches (namely Google) than websites with only content on their home page. So why shouldn’t you jump on the opportunity to make your presence known?

  1. They show off your personality

Explainer videos are a great opportunity for you to showcase your USPs while at the same time giving the viewers a glimpse of your personality. Whether you have a professional, well organized system or a casual, warm and friendly environment, make sure it comes through in your explainer video. People will be more inclined to choose you as a business if they can relate to you. 

  1. They provide a certain clarity to viewers

Often when looking for services online, you find out later than you would like that a provider than you have shortlisted won’t work for you (for whatever reason). Explainer videos provide clarity to viewers about your business and the services you provide right from the get go so that if a viewer feels like you can offer what they want, they can stick around or else move on without wasting any more time. 

  1. They are entertaining

Videos are entertaining, this point is irrefutable. What you do with your video is completely your prerogative. But bear in mind that the more relatable and entertaining it is, the more likely your viewers are to share it and take you seriously as a business.

There really is no denying that explainer videos can do a lot of good for your business, especially if you are new and want to make your presence known. So why not give it a shot?

Author Bio: 

Anoop Chaphekar

A visual effects producer based out of Pune, India, Anoop handles VFX and other projects at Toolbox Studio. He has more than 15 years of professional experience in the Animation and Visual Effects industry. Anoop has an educational background in Fine Arts and has wide-spread experience in bidding, resource planning, onset supervision, visual effects, commercials and broadcast design among other things.



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