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It seems like a simple business axiom: the better you know your customers, the better your company will function. Yet, despite the inherent truth to that concept, thousands of companies miss the mark each day when they go to market themselves. Why? Part of it is down to how companies view their customers, and how they track their customers’ activities. Another element to it is due to companies failing to take their customers actions into account. Fortunately, you can learn to cater your business toward your clientele — and reap the benefits because of it.

Give Your Customers a Platform

One of the best ways to garner free customer feedback is to open up the floor to them. Social media outlets provide a fabulous means to engage with your customers — and for them to engage with you. You don’t have to launch a massive survey to get in touch with your customer base.

Examine the Competition

The greatest form of flattery is imitation. Taking a look at what your competitors do well and where they fall short can give you a blueprint for how to tailor your marketing efforts. Don’t limit your research to your own market; consider what similar companies do in different parts of the country as well.

Diversify Your Efforts

 Once you’ve identified the need to monitor your customers habits, you should consider multiple means of tracking that data. For qualitative measures, the advantages of in depth interviews are plentiful; understanding what makes your customers tick on a deep level will give you powerful insight into their wants and needs. However, it’s just as important to keep an eye on quantitative data as well. Finding posts or advertisements that resonate with a large portion of your audience is essential to developing a sound marketing campaign.

The Payoff

 Keeping constant tabs on the way your customers interact with your business — both online and offline — can prove a difficult task. But the reward is potentially massive. A company that makes that effort will likely see an increase not only in the amount of customers you’re able to reach,  but also in the retention of current clients. And that can prove exponentially more important. While many businesses can become sidetracked in the constant pursuit of acquiring new business, it’s vital to remember that the best businesses don’t lose important clients. In this instance, both quality and quantity are fundamental to your success. Just remember that as long as you put the leg work in, your business will experience a tremendous shift forward.

About Our GE Network Expert - Min Tang


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Modern technology is constantly improving the ways we can stay in touch with each other. Social media updates, smartphone apps, cloud phone systems –– they’re all tremendous tools to help people maintain steady communication with each other from remote locations. However, just because business professionals have access to top-of-the-line apps and features, it doesn’t mean they’re going to use them well. It’s hard to fathom, but even in 2018 companies still struggle with communication breakdowns. Fortunately, you can diagnose how well your staff utilizes their communication skills –– so that you can take steps to correct any bad habits before they develop.

Listen to Your Customers

A great way to determine how well your staff collaborates is to listen to the feedback from your customers. Well-informed consumers will notice if your team members aren’t on the same page, and you’ll likely see reviews to that effect online. If at all possible, you’ll want to make improvements before communication problems reach this stage. However, if you do notice customer feedback indicating an inability or unwillingness on the part of your staff to engage with them, take action to correct this immediately.

Examine Your Layout

People interact most and collaborate best when they’re given new challenges and face new environments. So if your office has the same layout from years before, it’s likely that your employees won’t feel as stimulated –– and effective as they otherwise might be. Consider shaking things up with an office redesign, or at the very least rearrangement if you’re looking to bolster collaboration.

Watch Out for Late Work

So many problems in your office can be solved simply by fostering effective communication. However, one tell-tale sign that employees aren’t connecting with each other in the ways that they should is overdue assignments. Not knowing when a task needs to be completed, or not understanding the magnitude of a given assignment is almost certainly down to a breakdown in communication.

The Bottom Line

You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make them drink. In the same way, even if you supply your team members with all the tools they need to communicate effectively, it doesn’t mean they’ll do so. The good news is, your staff aren’t horses. You can help them develop better communication skills by focusing time and energy on team-building exercises. Make it your priority and soon enough your office will be buzzing with energy again. You invest your money to help your employees –– do so with your time as well.


About Our GE Network Expert - Min Tang


It’s long been established in the marketing world that creating quality blog posts is just about the best way to promote yourself organically online. However, one thing that many people overlook is figuring out how to optimize each blog post for maximum effectiveness. After all, it should be every company’s aim to produce content that resonates with their customer base. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. On the other hand though, there are ways you can augment the impact of each of your blog posts –– so that your good work pays more dividends! Here are four ways to get the most out your blog posts:

Be Specific
Consumers are a sophisticated bunch, and Google and other search engines are beginning to catch up to their habits. Often, a customer will know exactly what type of product or service their looking for before they enter in a query to a search engine. For instance: a scientist that needs new drawing needles doesn’t search for “lab equipment.” No, rather, consumers will enter in specific search items. In the same way, your blog should mirror your customers’ searching habits. To that end, you may also want to explore researching a niche market to see if there are profitable opportunities to be had there.

Repurpose Old Content
Once you’ve published your blog post, there’s nothing more to be done with it, right? Wrong. Old blog posts are prime candidates to re-optimize because they offer a chance to link to current blogs and web pages. Indeed, linking and backlinking between your blogs and web pages is a fantastic way to establish a network with high authority.

Timing is Everything
If you want to engage with your readers, you need to have your finger on the pulse. Understanding what they want to read, and when they want to read it is vital if you’re going to make a splash with any of your posts. After all, publishing a blog about the best Black Friday deals in December isn’t going to do anyone a lick of good.

Outdo Your Competition

At the end of the day, your blog doesn’t have to garner a million views to be a success. Instead, you really just need your posts to be more effective than those of your closest competitors. So keep a close eye on how your rivals manage their blog. Identifying an area where you can outstrip your competition can lead to blog posts that not only engage your customers, but draw in new leads as well. In this practice, use a little common sense and play to your strengths. If you do, your blog will be better off for it.

About Our GE Network Expert - Min Tang

Ecommerce businesses are easy to set up and less expensive. It has 80% failure rate in running the successful online store. The less relevant traffic is one the important reasons why ecommerce companies fail to achieve their target and become the successful online brand. The Blogging is the content marketing strategy that helps you to drive tons of traffic in very less time. Ecommerce blogging helps you to drive traffic to the store and build brand awareness both offline and online. The blogging platform helps to increase the customer engagement that plays the crucial role in generating sales and earn more profits. The proper strategy can engage your online businesses with customers.

Here are top 5 ecommerce blogging tips that will help you to generate high traffic, brand engagement and loyal customers for your ecommerce online store:

  1. Understand the Need of the Customers

The primary aim of the ecommerce blogging is to grab the attention of the customers and set the target audience. So it is necessary to know what’s your audience wants to read before you start blogging. There are two different types of audiences which include potential customers and existing customers.

Mostly the potential customers are targeted by online search as Google search rankings and different social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. The customers are enjoying your post but they haven’t found them compelling to buy your products. So you need to find many other ways while writing to the potential customers.

Existing customers are the one who has already purchased the products from your site. You can also share the post related to your products. Based on the target audience, you can determine where to focus your blogging efforts.

  1. Share Creative Topic Ideas

As you know blogging is the most powerful marketing tool for online businesses. You have to come up with the new fresh ideas for the ecommerce blogging. Do Research on the latest topics that can provide valuable information to use your product and services. Following the current events and industry trends is the great way to bring fresh new ideas.

Product description can also provide detailed information about the particular item but it fails to attract customers to buy your product. So if you share the scene stories like product spotlights of your product then your customer can feel encouraged to buy that item. Adding the discount coupon to the end of the post encourage the customer engagement.

  1. Use Attractive Heading Title

According to the research, most of the readers will move away from your products & post when your title and headline is not intriguing enough. It means your title and headline makes the potential buyers share, read and comment on your blog posts. While writing the heading the following points you must focus on:

  • The title should describe the blog post title clearly
  • The title should be short with maximum character count is 65.
  • Use interesting adjectives and numbers to grab the user attention.
  1. Focus on Visual Content

As per the research, the Visual Content generates better engagement as compared to the written content. The blog post content with the images gets 98% more views. So it is necessary to include the visuals in your blog articles. You can incorporate GIF, images and infographics in your post. You should use high-quality visuals that must go with your content.

  1. Create Subscriber List

As you know Email Marketing is one of the best ways to generate sales and online stores. Stats show that email marketing is more effective to attract customers than the social media channels like Facebook and Twitter. Your ecommerce blog is used for building the dedicated subscriber list. It allows building the strong personal relationship with potential customers. To build your email list focuses on following points:

  • Offer specific posts such as free e-course, video, eBook and printable, downloadable version of infographics etc.
  • Use content locker plug-in to hide some part of the post and ask users to sign up and read the full post.
  • Place sign up form at the end of the blog post. As Shopify urges its potential and existing customers to join more than 4 thousand entrepreneurs.

Blogging is the effective content marketing tool for ecommerce businesses. It gives the opportunity to generate customer base that builds your email list. It also creates brand awareness so it is necessary to polish your writing skills and understand the needs of your potential customers.

About Author

Mike Coulson work with Ficode ecommerce development company London and managed projects for web design, mobile app development and ecommerce development. His write-ups are knowledgeable and helpful.



Posted by Lisa Bloom in Work Life

I sat in the meeting and felt small. I noticed everyone around me laughing and I felt sick to my stomach. Should I pretend?

You see, I felt like my business dilemmas much be so much bigger and more critical that anyone else’s. And I had travelled so far. I had spent so much money to be there. And I was exhausted. I just wanted to cry.

I stood up and stretched, grabbed a cup of coffee and sat down again, trying to focus on what was actually happening in the room, rather than just in my head.

Later it was my turn to speak. It’s always been really hard for me to ask for help, but I took a depth breathe and finally let it out. I don’t know how to do this, I said. And I’m scared it might fail.

Everyone around the table started nodding in agreement, not that they thought my idea would fail, but that they recognized the fear and the discomfort.

Relieved, I continued to speak about this decision I needed to make and began to unravel all my confusion. There were some good suggestions, there were some horrible suggestions but everyone listened and I could hear myself finally.

You see for weeks the ideas had been just in my head. And it had been really noisy in there. Now I could talk it out, get some feedback and see it so much more clearly.

It was so helpful. But here are the 5 invaluable lessons I learned:

  1. When you share your story, you share your humanity – there is always someone who can relate.
  2. Telling your story out loud, the act itself, makes for more clarity and sense.
  3. There are people around you who can and want to help.
  4. Often they have experience and expertise that you don’t even know about.
  5. You are not alone and it’s okay to ask for help.

This last one is tough for me. You see, I’ve spent years being super strong. It’s always been easier for me to help others than to acknowledge I might need help myself.

I left with so much more clarity, humility and optimism. I can ask for help. I will ask for help. I’m not alone.

Lisa Bloom

About Our GE Network Expert - Lisa Bloom

Lisa Bloom is a highly professional and accomplished Storyteller, Professional Certified Coach (ICF) and Training & Development Expert with more than 20 years experience working in public and private sectors, high-tech and financial services environments. Lisa helps entrepreneurs de-stress the marketing, build their business with confidence by finding their success story at

  Meet Our GE Network Experts!

Meet Our GE Network Experts!

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