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Welcome to the Experts Network, a small business blog dedicated to providing business advice and resources to our community of aspiring entrepreneurs.

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How to Get Raving Fans

From the minute I got there, I just instinctively liked him. He created a warm, safe environment and he was really listening. I could tell that he took an holistic approach to his work and I appreciated that.

When I spoke about what was going on in my life, he made meaningful comments about how pain was not just a physical response to trauma but often stress related.

As he massaged, manipulated and eased the pain out of my limbs, our conversation was just as much of a relief. To be completely heard. To be appreciated and have his full presence. It was exceptional.

It’s rare that I get to experience a therapeutic approach that I can recommend so full heartedly.

And I haven’t stopped talking about it ever since. And it was quite some time ago!

If anyone mentions to me that they have back pain (or any other pain!) I always remember him and give a warm recommendation.

This is the kind of marketing we all need.

There is nothing more powerful than a personal recommendation from a raving fan.

What does it take to create a raving fan? Here are four tips!

  1. Listen – when you can really hear your client (and they feel heard!) then you know exactly what to offer and they will accept it.
  2. Make Time – your client is not just paying for a session with you…they should get the whole treatment – figure out what that means for you (I offer my clients 24/7 email support) and be generous. Make time to prepare properly and do research if you need to, so that you can offer full support to your client.
  3. Presence – be fully and wholly present when you are with your client. No interruptions, no distraction, just be there. This is a gift and it will be warmly appreciated.
  4. Feedback – no, that doesn’t mean the chance to blame or judge your client but warm heartfelt feedback that appreciates and honors them. It’s just one more way to help your client feel heard and valued.

The truth is, this isn’t about getting people to love you, it’s actually about loving them.

Go on, figure out what it is about each of your clients that you love. And tell them. And keep on loving them!

Lisa Bloom

About Our GE Network Expert - Lisa Bloom

Lisa Bloom is a highly professional and accomplished Storyteller, Professional Certified Coach (ICF) and Training & Development Expert with more than 20 years experience working in public and private sectors, high-tech and financial services environments. Lisa helps entrepreneurs de-stress the marketing, build their business with confidence by finding their success story at


3 Strategies to Deal Positively with Interruption

Interruptions intrude everywhere into your daily flow: marriage conversations (and other intimate activities if you have children at home), phone conversations, and your work flow.

Research indicates that it takes you anywhere from 10-20 minutes to re-engage fully with the task you abandoned when interrupted. So if you encounter 3 interruptions daily at work, that’s about one hour lost.

So when was the last time you had just 3 interruptions?

More like 33, right?

How well do you deal with these interruptions?

Implement into your work flow these three strategies for positively dealing with interruptions and watch as your sales increase with greater productivity and you get out of the office earlier to do what you love with those you love:


There is a line in the movie Pulp Fiction that goes something like this: “Are you really listening or just waiting to talk?”

As we really listen to each other, our eyes contact, our intellect and emotions connect, and we give full attention to the communication experience. An interruption-resistant bubble forms around us…if we’re really listening.

The common courtesy of listening isn’t so common these days with mobile technology’s immediacy ever in hand. A beep or ding intrudes with alarming regularity.

The path to extreme productivity lies in really listening to people and projects. When you listen, you focus intently and deflect interruptions.


Interruptions happen regardless of how well you listen. A client calls. A customer walks in. A team member has a question.

Locate your interruptions strategically. Establish appointments with yourself to return voice mail calls and emails. Create team meeting experiences and push others to jot down questions and bring them to that time.

When you must put out a fire, locate your place in the project or the conversation. Think of it as a bookmark, or dog-earing a page. Jot a post-it note. This simple act reduces your search time in getting back into the flow.


Sometimes an interruption is fortuitous. It intrudes with new information that is directly applicable to a person or project. Leverage it in that moment with gratitude.

Or, the interruption brings knowledge relevant to another task on your to-do list. Locate it for easy reference later. Make a quick note for later leverage and return to the person or project at hand. By doing so, you keep your current listening engaged, locate it readily when you’re ready, and leverage the interruption, transforming it from pain to profit.

Sure, interruptions intrude multiple times daily. When you listen, locate, and leverage them, you implement your profitable actions with greater productivity while increasing sales so you get out of the office earlier to do what you love with those you love.

About the Author

Dr. Joey Faucette is the #1 Amazon best-selling author of Work Positive in a Negative World (Entrepreneur Press), coach, and speaker who helps business professionals increase sales with greater productivity so they get out of the office earlier. Discover more at


Article contributed by Toby Triebel

Being your own boss has some obvious perks, but some advantages of entrepreneurship are less evident.Spotcap, the fastest online credit platform, reveals the five best reasons for running your own business instead of working for a big company.

  1. An entrepreneurial mind is a happy mind

Research has found that an entrepreneurial mind is a happy mind. According to a study by the United Nations University, individuals who swap regular employment for self-employment experience a significant increase in life satisfaction. The level of satisfaction even increases from the first year of self-employment to the second. Scientists agree that the average happiness of early stage entrepreneurs is higher than the happiness level of employees in big companies.

  1. Small business funding gains big momentum

Funding for small businesses is more abundant than ever. Crowdfunding, angel investors, small business loans and governmental incentive programs enable entrepreneurship at an early stage. In the past, entrepreneurial ambitions all too often fell through due to a lack of financing. Today, the biggest challenge is choosing from the wide range of funding options. This leaves more time to focus on realizing ideas and developing an effective business strategy.

  1. Accelerating innovation on a big level

Experimentation is imperative for small businesses focused on innovation, ideas and opportunities. A small company offers you the chance to shake things up. Lots of large corporations have lost their ability to innovate due to financial woes and inflexible management. The opposite applies for small companies. Governmental programs such as the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) initiative in the U.S. support small companies with funding for research and development.

  1. Small businesses prove resilient in tough times

Entrepreneurship has experienced a real resurgence since the recent recession. More startups are being founded than ever before. At a time when many countries are struggling with economic uncertainty, small businesses have become a viable source for employment and an attractive alternative to corporate life. Take Spain for example: Entrepreneurs already generate the majority of the country’s new jobs. SMEs account for 65% of GDP and 80% of total employed people in Spain.

  1. The changing image of entrepreneurship

The social prestige ascribed to entrepreneurs is huge. Larry Page, Richard Branson and Mark Zuckerberg are pioneers and idols for a whole generation. By comparison, corporate life has become less attractive. According to a current study by the London Business School, millennials long for greater flexibility, control and purpose at work. More and more people are seeking career satisfaction by initiating change instead of tolerating a brain numbing day job.

About the Author

Toby Triebel is co-founder of Spotcap. Spotcap enables small business owners to grow their business by providing fast and flexible financing which leverages cutting-edge technology. The company was launched in Madrid in September 2014 and is led by co-founders Toby Triebel and Jens Woloszczak in Berlin and managing director Pablo Pastega, who leads Spanish operations. The team – currently consisting of 30 credit and online experts – plans to expand its service both geographically and across products. Spotcap is backed by Rocket Internet – the world’s leading global internet platform outside of the US and China. Read more about Spotcap:

The Unexpected Question That Shook My World

This is a story about an opportunity I very nearly missed. (It may have happened to you too)

It was a chance to do something exciting that I almost didn’t take.

Because of fear, low confidence and a kind of disbelief.

It was conference given by an industry I knew little about. I was the keynote. A beautiful location, nice people and great food.

The keynote was a success – everyone loved the storytelling and they could see the relevance and feel the excitement of the possibility that powerful stories create.

It was at the party on the last night of the conference. On the beach. He was tall, well-dressed and quite charming. He sought me out. Then he asked me the question that floored me.

I was taken by surprise, (I think I even blushed) I was not prepared, I didn’t even think it possible.

You see he was the CEO of a large, successful company. And he was very taken by what I had said on the conference stage.

What did he ask? Why was I shocked? Why did it change the way I saw myself, my work and my entire business?

Well, he asked if I would consider coaching him. Until that moment, I never believed that the CEO of a successful multi-national company would want ME to coach him.  I thought, if I had never been the CEO of that kind of company, well how could I possibly coach him?

It was mind-blowing.

You see, my storytelling, my expertise and my presence was what attracted him.  And when I thought about it, they are truly my strengths.

I realized, I actually don’t need HIS expertise, I need my own.

I have that, and so do you.

What I had done, without even realizing it, was tell a phenomenal story that established my credibility and illustrated my expertise and that was what had impressed him.

(and yes, I did coach him, he was the first of many clients holding titles like CEO, President, Senior VP etc. – a real breakthrough for me!)

The key to all this is the story.

I had worked for quite some time on my story.  Now it comes naturally, I don’t have to think about it.  And you can too.

Stop worrying about impressing other people, about saying the right thing, about being and sounding like other’s expect you to.

Stop following the standard marketing blueprints and scripts that have you sounding like everyone else.

Start telling your story.

That’s what people want to hear.  That’s what they remember.

Your Story is the single most powerful asset you have to explode your business and attract amazing clients.

Lisa Bloom

About Our GE Network Expert - Lisa Bloom

Lisa Bloom is a highly professional and accomplished Storyteller, Professional Certified Coach (ICF) and Training & Development Expert with more than 20 years experience working in public and private sectors, high-tech and financial services environments. Lisa helps entrepreneurs de-stress the marketing, build their business with confidence by finding their success story at

Branding Yourself in 3 Words or Less

From over 25 years of experience in marketing, copywriting, conversions and online business, I can easily tell you that one of the most difficult tasks for people when it comes to marketing is defining their differences. In fact, at Marketing Words, we have a questionnaire all new clients are asked to complete. Among others, it contains the question, “What is the single most important unique competitive advantage (UCA) you offer?” What answer do we see above all others?



It is left blank.

Or a question mark is inserted in the space.

That’s because the quest to analyze how you are different or better than the competition is a mind-numbing process for most people. Coming up with a short, impactful phrase that immediately lets others know what their strengths are and how they outperform the competition is like digging a ditch with a teaspoon.

What about you? Ever struggled to figure out how to position yourself in a crowded or competitive market? It’s tough, right? After all, that’s why people hire expensive brand experts and agencies. That’s where thought-provoking statements like:

• Brilliant Craftsmanship
• Ambitious Results
• Pioneering Solutions
• Nimble Creativity

… come from.

It’s not difficult to define your UCA if you get to know yourself. It’s even easier if you get other people to help!

4 Easy & Effective Ways To Define Your Branding Statement

#1 Read

Do you have testimonials on your website? You should. Go back and read through those right now. As you do, take notes about common themes or phrases that repeatedly pop up. Here are a few from the Marketing Words testimonials section:

• quality
• creative
• conversions
• results
• partner
• expert
• advisor

From this list (or synonyms for these), what two- to three-word phrases can you come up with?

• Expert Conversions?
• Creative Advisor?
• Inspired Results?

The more words you add to your list, the more options you’ll have to explore until you find just the right phrase.

#2 Ask

Don’t have testimonials? Get some! Call or email your clients and ask them to take five minutes of their time to provide a short statement about you and the work you’ve done with them. Or, if they aren’t comfortable or don’t have time, they can simply jot down five to 10 words that describe you.

#3 Think

Be completely honest with yourself. Nobody else is around looking over your shoulder. Think about your own impressions of you at your best. We tend to focus more on our weaknesses than our strengths, but when you’re on your A game and all the planets are aligned, what awesomeness comes pouring out?

Use these fill-in-the-blank statements to prod you in your thinking.

When I work on _________________________, my _____________________ really shines through.

I get stellar results with ________________________ when I focus on _______________.

It is in my nature to be ______________________ when I concentrate on _____________.

I almost always get compliments about _______________________________________. Clients say I’m _____________________________________________________.

#4 Learn

One of my all-time favorite business peeps, Sally Hogshead, goes even deeper using a systematic approach to uncovering your exceptional qualities. Sally explains, “I was that expert. I’ve created brand messages for some of the biggest brands in world. Companies paid me handsomely to find the perfect words for their brand.

“Imagine if a focus group of 100,000 professionals describes who you are at your best. Then, a branding expert (that’s me) selects the best descriptions of you. You end up with the two or three ‘closer words’ to position yourself. These two or three words would be like a tagline for your personality.”

You could attract your ideal client more easily and:

1. Develop a specialty
2. Become famous in your niche
3. Exceed expectations in one particular way

Karon Thackston

About Our GE Network Expert - Karon Thackston

Karon Thackston is President of Marketing Words (, a full-service copywriting agency specializing in web and search engine copywriting. She has over 25 years combined experience in marketing, advertising, copywriting and SEO copywriting. Karon has a strong understanding of the processes involved with creating successful advertising strategies.

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Meet Our GE Network Experts!

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